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B more Boyscout!

posted 1 Mar 2015, 14:41 by Kevin Monaghan

There were enough "B"'s in ORS to form a number of groups. Roibeard announced that given the prevailing south west wind,  the route was out to Ballinea , onwards to Streamstown with a coffee break in Moate and back on the old N6 via Tyrrellspass. 

Our group rolled out and we worked hard against the wind towards Streamstown. Shortly after this point the weather got dramatically worse and soon the group split. The decision was then made not to take a coffee break and take a short cut through Rosemount. On reaching the old N6, we were now in a sleet shower. We turned left for Mullingar at Horseleap. Soon after this, one of our group was beginning to suffer from hypothermia. Luckily, one of the group knew a local resident who provided shelter for him until his lift arrived. We progressed from there to home in challenging conditions and got in the door at 11.45, frozen and with almost 70K on the clock .
Big lessons from today :
  1. Be prepared, Its Ireland and weather changes (bring a jacket)
  2. Mudguards: They are a necessity for group cycling
  3. Lights : for when weather such as this morning comes down.

Elastic "B"s put in a Good Stretch

posted 8 Dec 2014, 07:39 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 07:42 ]

(By Pearse Murphy)   
A group of twelve hardy B cyclists gathered at ORS on this bright crispy morning. Numbers in general were small for all groups as the Christmas party season is in full swing. No doubt many regulars were recovering in their leabas from the previous night’s activities.  With a westerly breeze the route chosen was Horseleap – Moate – Ballymore and home.  A nice pace ensued and with plenty of banter about the Christmas party we soon glided into Moate for the tea stop at 11 having faced a stiff breeze all the way. 

Refuelled with coffee and various carbohydrate based delicacies we mounted up for the return trip. We crossed that bog towards Ballymore and a discussion arose whether to take the back road to Killare to avoid one of the hills or head for Ballymore. Feeling energetic we decided for Ballymore. 

Having hit Ballymore and been treated to a shower of hail sleet and snow the new Mr Sportive upped the pace as we tackled the few hills. Although the group stretched like a large elastic band during this phase of the spin like any quality elastic band we came back together in Loughnavally. We next headed for ORS with a little more stretching but all safely back for 12:30 with 80 kms on the clock and an average of 27.2 kph. Well done all and thanks for a great spin.

B Group well wrapped up in Moate on Sunday 7th December 2014

Very Early Tea Break For B Group

posted 2 Dec 2014, 06:18 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Roibeard O'Ceallaigh - Sun. 23rd November)   
Sunday dawned bright and very cold. Cold enough that the roads were glassy with  late forming frost. A smaller than normal group of B's and C's gathered at ORS dwarfed by the large number of A's (elite athletes allegedly!) heading out on their sophisticated training spin. We (well eleven of us) on the other hand decided that a nice cup of tea was in order while the sun came up and hopefully other roads would be less slippery. So the Mullingar Park had the "pleasure" of entertaining eleven "very fit" cyclists for an what must be admitted was a very enjoyable hour of chat.

After the hour we roused ourselves and went out into the cold and headed off into the sun, i.e. towards Tyrrellspass. By this time the roads were decidedly safer and we enjoyed a challenging speed set mostly by a certain former cub chairman. It definitively warmed us up. Anyway, we got out on the roads safely, enjoyed ourselves and the glorious sunshine. What more could one want on a Sunday morning in November?

B Group Update

posted 16 Nov 2014, 15:48 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Shane Corcoran)   
Coffee Cup
Well, heading towards the end of November with days like that, what would you be doing on a Sunday morning only heading out for a spin. There was a large contingent of Wheelers ready for off. Tyrrellspass in a round about way of Killucan, Kinnegad via Rhode and Croghan Hill  was the destination. 

All going well, group split in two, steady pace until the puncture fairy hit. With a bit of difficulty it was changed and as time was moving on we exchanged Croghan for Gneevebawn (terrible pronunciation) with a stop in the 'pass and home via Kilbeggan. 

Great spin, great company, great coffee and great group of cyclists.

Two B come One

posted 3 Nov 2014, 15:19 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Shane Corcoran - Sun 2nd November)   
We assembled in ORS this morning it was decided that as there was a large no of B,s it was decided to make 2 groups with Tullamore being the destination of choice.  First group left with the second group allowing a short gap.

And then they started dropping like flies. With the mud guards becoming a requirement, the skills of adding mudguards (myself included), can be a tricky job and as a result we lost our first victim.

With further mechanicals and some members heading back early, the two groups merged the far side of Tyrellspass. With the new group all together, we stopped for tea in Centra, then on to Clara and home, 80 k on the clock. Well done to all great spin and great day for it.

One By One They Emerged Out Of The Mist...

posted 12 Oct 2014, 14:24 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 12 Oct 2014, 14:36 ]

(By Eamon Hogan)   
Ok I know this isn’t a sleepy little town in the Wiltshire country side, and we’re not going to lose our minds to the power of some deadly fog, but this morning you could tell where James Herbert got his inspiration from in his classic 1975 thriller.

One by one the figures emerged out of the mist (allright stop this Eamon), but you get the picture, and with a quick check on which route to take, it was thought prudent to stick to roads with a hard shoulder until the fog lifted, which it did and it wasn’t long before the Sun shone to give us the last remainder of what really felt like a late summers day.

No surprise on this route, out to Tyrellspass and onto Moate for the fuel stop. Then it was home back on the N4 and turned at Horseleap for Mullingar.

It was a supper spin, with Pauric Devine giving us a master class on how to cycle up a hill, and yes Pauric there were hills, you just didn’t seem to notice! Maybe there is something in that fog after all.

Cycling in Fog
Then they faded back into the mist...

B Group Get In Before the Storm

posted 5 Oct 2014, 14:55 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Ann Conway)   
The Autumn had arrived this morning and it came as a bit of a shock after the fantastic summer we have enjoyed. We broke into two groups as usual, with the faster group heading off first towards Tullamore via Tyrrellspass and Rahugh. We had to battle a moderate headwind all the way but got to Scally's easily enough and enjoyed the break and the hot tea and coffee. The two groups joined up for the journey home through Castletown Geoghegan and cruised along with a strong tailwind all the way.

It was great to get home early with about 80km on the clock, having escaped the storm that is promised for the rest of the day.

Sunnay Sunday Brings Out Swarms of B's

posted 15 Sep 2014, 15:00 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Ann Conway - 14th September 2014)   
Bee on a bike
The unseasonably suitable cycling weather brought out the cyclists in big numbers this morning and there were plenty of B's to make three groups. Those who fancied a fast spin headed off first followed by two slightly slower groups, all heading towards Tyrrellspass. 

We then headed to Rochfortbridge, south to Rhode, Daingean and on to Tullamore for a pit stop. We had over 60k on the legs at the tea break, so everyone was glad of the rest. 

We sunned ourselves briefly outside Scally's Centra, where we always receive a warm welcome before heading back to Mullingar via Kilbeggan and Ballinagore.  It felt like summer and if we get few more weeks of this, we will be into the Spring before we know it!

A Come Back for Galway

posted 1 Sep 2014, 05:41 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Ronan McNamara 31st August 2014)   
I arrived at ORS just in time to travel out with the fine bunch of cyclists with great talent in Group B for my first cycle in few months. Before leaving The first thing I noticed was Liz Hoctor in her socks having with no shoes? It seems after purchasing a pair of Gucci on Saturday they wouldn't fit!! However Liz waved us off as a mix of 6 ladies and number of lads headed for Summerhill. 

Given I have not being out for a while what I can describe as a swift sprint up the road commenced which got the blood flowing well which steadied in to a lovely pace via Killucan, Raharney, Rathmolyon. The discussion of the day was "Are you going to Galway " for everyone plus the great weather for cycling so a big trip is expected next Saturday to Galway. 

Arriving in Summerhill an executive decision was made by the ladies that we would have tea and coffee at a plush venue "Londis Plus" where we enjoyed fine sunny weather outside with great banter. Even Ms Clare Malone had time to lay out on a superficial sun lounge which later turned out to be some poor mans car bonnet!  Before we headed out a bouquet presentation was made for the best dressed cyclist nominated to Ollie given the ladies were all competing for the crown. 

A nice trip home was had via Enfield and straight to Mullingar with a good average and 90k on the clock well down to all for a great morning out as ever! And Thank you to Ollie and David Mitchell for being a great help pushing me up the hills! See you on Saturday Ready for Galway.

B Group Sunday August 2014
B Group Sunday August 2014

B Brigade Notes

posted 24 Aug 2014, 15:29 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Gerry Heary 0900 Hours 24th August 2014)   
Cycling SoldiersSunday was a pleasant morning when all arrived at the ORS for our Sunday spin. The B’s were split into three groups. I chose to soldier, along with eleven others on leader Martin Eighan's team. Martin, a great man, whom I thought had great leadership skills. Early on this seemed accurate, when words he uttered such as "keep her steady"; "let’s not lose our shape": were adhered to quickly.

We powered along at a good pace. The only incident of note was when one of our soldiers Jerry Waugh pulled up with bearing problems and had to return. We arrived in Edenderry, and stopped for our snack, break and chat. While there I was given the job to write the notes.

Leaving Edenderry, a quickened pace put many of us under extreme pressure, but I felt Martin would reign them all in and stamp his leadership on the group. “Keep her steady",  "Slow it down at the front" seemed to fall on deaf ears. Then he said "There is a bunch of wild ponies leading us" (It felt more like a couple of thoroughbreds, on steroids). Shortly after Kinnegad we let them off, and the rest of us tipped along nicely back to base. 

Thanks Martin and all the great soldiers who completed a memorable cycle.

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