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Not A Spin for Rest And Recovery

posted 30 Aug 2015, 13:49 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Shane Corcoran)   
I lay in bed contemplating whether or not to get up and go for a spin, or roll over and take a well earned break. Having completed the Sean Kelly 160 last Sunday, I may have been forgiven for rolling over.

However as you might have guessed, I did get up and go for a spin. "I'll take it easy", I said, "rest and recovery week", I said, "just spinning out the legs", I said. 

On leaving the barracks, there was about ten of us heading to Summerhill, "nice and flat" he said. I noticed the pace a tad high but thought it should pull back after a bit, that is until Mick Reynolds wheeled up beside me with a clatter of A's. "Sure we'll all go together, we'll have manners" he said. Looked at my GPS and it showed we were travelling at about 36 km , "wrong group for rest and recovery week", I thought.

As we wheeled towards Killucan, there was a puncture call, and "thank God", says I as I took some water and a breath of air. I pedalled on contemplating turning for home in Killucan, but decided to keep going. A broken chain just outside Raharney provided another welcome break, and it is at that point the group split with most of the heavy hitters moving on and the rest of them heading to Summerhill at a steady pace, averaging about 31.6kpm to the tea stop.

Fed and watered, we headed for home, via Enfield.  I lasted until Coralstown and it was at that point that the pain got too much and I conceded to a pace that would get me home eventually.

Great spin, in a lot of pain, 104km on the clock - well done all.

B Group Update

posted 3 Aug 2015, 11:17 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Eamon Hogan)   
It has been a long time since I sat down and scribbled a few notes after a spin, and the speed at which I type hasn’t improved either.

After the usual pleasantries had been exchanged, it actually felt like the good old days with familiar faces like Mark Horohoe, Billy Cunnane and indeed myself making a guest appearance.

And so to the route, Rhode , Edenderry, Kinnegad and back on the old N4. Apart from the unfortunate chain malfunction on Liz’s bike, and Mark saving a kitten from near death, the spin was super and I really enjoyed it, even though my legs are shot!

Longford Midges Strike

posted 8 Jun 2015, 14:43 by Kevin Monaghan

This was the first Sunday that all groups were departing from our new home, Columb Barracks.  Roibeard was acting Sergeant Major and gave the orders. Two Groups of "A"'s and two groups of "B"'s as well as a large group of "C"'s departed in the direction of Granard via Multyfarnham. Our group split at Ballinafid to suit different speeds and on we went via Coole. 

The puncture fairy struck twice en route and it was at this point that the midges arrived leaving their calling card on the hairy legs of the wheelers. Midge bars (picture opposite) might be appropriate for these "hairy bikers".  The good news was that it felt like summer. We broke for coffee in Edgeworthstown where some riders chose the short way home while the main bunch travelled on to Carrickboy before turning for Ballynacargy and home.  A great spin had by all.

B Group Update

posted 25 May 2015, 09:30 by Kevin Monaghan

With Gerry Waugh, our club secretary giving the command this morning, two B groups departed from ORS with great wind assistance in the direction of Enfield. Such was the assistance that we seemed to go along at speeds akin to those taking part in the Rás. We turned at Enfield and followed the new road to Edenderry and got a flavour in parts of what the wind in our face would feel like on the way home.

Not long after we had sat with our coffee, the second "B" group arrived. Again our leader got us on the road to Rhode. We were now facing the wind and also some hills which were a gentle reminder to the guys intent on the Wicklow 200 of what may lay in store for them. We all climbed Croghan hill with ease and progressed towards Tyrellspass. The wind on the road home seemed to make no impact on many of the group as they maintained an excellent pace all the way back to ORS.

B Group assembled for coffee on Sunday's outing.

Poor Weekend Weather Keeps Numbers Down

posted 4 May 2015, 13:44 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Shane Corcoran - Sun. 3rd May 2015)  
With the overnight rain affecting people's decisions on heading out on Sunday, there were a small number of Wheelers willing to brave the elements on Sunday morning.

We decided to head towards Moate to avoid any potential water on the road. The pace was set with great speed by the electric bike with the funny wheels.

We reached Moate in good time were we indulged in some of Supermacs finest fare. Home by Ballymore, sun on our back great spin had by all.

B more Boyscout!

posted 1 Mar 2015, 14:41 by Kevin Monaghan

There were enough "B"'s in ORS to form a number of groups. Roibeard announced that given the prevailing south west wind,  the route was out to Ballinea , onwards to Streamstown with a coffee break in Moate and back on the old N6 via Tyrrellspass. 

Our group rolled out and we worked hard against the wind towards Streamstown. Shortly after this point the weather got dramatically worse and soon the group split. The decision was then made not to take a coffee break and take a short cut through Rosemount. On reaching the old N6, we were now in a sleet shower. We turned left for Mullingar at Horseleap. Soon after this, one of our group was beginning to suffer from hypothermia. Luckily, one of the group knew a local resident who provided shelter for him until his lift arrived. We progressed from there to home in challenging conditions and got in the door at 11.45, frozen and with almost 70K on the clock .
Big lessons from today :
  1. Be prepared, Its Ireland and weather changes (bring a jacket)
  2. Mudguards: They are a necessity for group cycling
  3. Lights : for when weather such as this morning comes down.

Elastic "B"s put in a Good Stretch

posted 8 Dec 2014, 07:39 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 07:42 ]

(By Pearse Murphy)   
A group of twelve hardy B cyclists gathered at ORS on this bright crispy morning. Numbers in general were small for all groups as the Christmas party season is in full swing. No doubt many regulars were recovering in their leabas from the previous night’s activities.  With a westerly breeze the route chosen was Horseleap – Moate – Ballymore and home.  A nice pace ensued and with plenty of banter about the Christmas party we soon glided into Moate for the tea stop at 11 having faced a stiff breeze all the way. 

Refuelled with coffee and various carbohydrate based delicacies we mounted up for the return trip. We crossed that bog towards Ballymore and a discussion arose whether to take the back road to Killare to avoid one of the hills or head for Ballymore. Feeling energetic we decided for Ballymore. 

Having hit Ballymore and been treated to a shower of hail sleet and snow the new Mr Sportive upped the pace as we tackled the few hills. Although the group stretched like a large elastic band during this phase of the spin like any quality elastic band we came back together in Loughnavally. We next headed for ORS with a little more stretching but all safely back for 12:30 with 80 kms on the clock and an average of 27.2 kph. Well done all and thanks for a great spin.

B Group well wrapped up in Moate on Sunday 7th December 2014

Very Early Tea Break For B Group

posted 2 Dec 2014, 06:18 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Roibeard O'Ceallaigh - Sun. 23rd November)   
Sunday dawned bright and very cold. Cold enough that the roads were glassy with  late forming frost. A smaller than normal group of B's and C's gathered at ORS dwarfed by the large number of A's (elite athletes allegedly!) heading out on their sophisticated training spin. We (well eleven of us) on the other hand decided that a nice cup of tea was in order while the sun came up and hopefully other roads would be less slippery. So the Mullingar Park had the "pleasure" of entertaining eleven "very fit" cyclists for an what must be admitted was a very enjoyable hour of chat.

After the hour we roused ourselves and went out into the cold and headed off into the sun, i.e. towards Tyrrellspass. By this time the roads were decidedly safer and we enjoyed a challenging speed set mostly by a certain former cub chairman. It definitively warmed us up. Anyway, we got out on the roads safely, enjoyed ourselves and the glorious sunshine. What more could one want on a Sunday morning in November?

B Group Update

posted 16 Nov 2014, 15:48 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Shane Corcoran)   
Coffee Cup
Well, heading towards the end of November with days like that, what would you be doing on a Sunday morning only heading out for a spin. There was a large contingent of Wheelers ready for off. Tyrrellspass in a round about way of Killucan, Kinnegad via Rhode and Croghan Hill  was the destination. 

All going well, group split in two, steady pace until the puncture fairy hit. With a bit of difficulty it was changed and as time was moving on we exchanged Croghan for Gneevebawn (terrible pronunciation) with a stop in the 'pass and home via Kilbeggan. 

Great spin, great company, great coffee and great group of cyclists.

Two B come One

posted 3 Nov 2014, 15:19 by Kevin Monaghan

(By Shane Corcoran - Sun 2nd November)   
We assembled in ORS this morning it was decided that as there was a large no of B,s it was decided to make 2 groups with Tullamore being the destination of choice.  First group left with the second group allowing a short gap.

And then they started dropping like flies. With the mud guards becoming a requirement, the skills of adding mudguards (myself included), can be a tricky job and as a result we lost our first victim.

With further mechanicals and some members heading back early, the two groups merged the far side of Tyrellspass. With the new group all together, we stopped for tea in Centra, then on to Clara and home, 80 k on the clock. Well done to all great spin and great day for it.

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